Pantacor: a platform for IoT innovation

Discover the fastest and easiest way to deploy apps, manage firmware and gather real-time data from edge devices and IoT.

Complete tech stack to power applications on any Linux embedded device

Open source and without vendor lock-in, the Pantacor platform manages the full lifecycle of device firmware and applications. Pantacor extends the feature set on any embedded Linux device, including those that are resource-constrained at the far edge.

Built from industry insights and real-life customer requirements, Pantacor combines modern DevOps and cloud native best practices with embedded-first technologies to help you build, manage and observe the Smart Device Edge.


Connect all your devices  with Pantavisor – a control plane for all of your embedded Linux-based devices


Deploy containerized apps, and updates with modern DevOps best practices and tools


Act on real-time data returned from devices by integrating with popular cloud native open source applications


Manage firmware and software lifecycles on device fleets from a single dashboard

Pantavisor: Connect all of your IoT devices

Pantavisor is our open source and minimal container-based firmware lifecycle management agent for all embedded Linux devices regardless of resource footprint size. The Pantavisor agent is the key building block for transforming your fixed single purpose monolithic device architecture into a modular one. It enables state of the art software lifecycle management that extends a device’s functionality by deploying containerized apps and services next to its core firmware.

Pantacor Hub: Deploy and manage your containerized IoT applications

Any Pantavisor-enabled device can be remotely managed from the Pantacor Hub for firmware and software lifecycle management. From a single pane of glass, deploy containerized applications, updates and security patches across devices using modern DevOps best practices. Monitor and act on real-time data returned from devices with Pantacor Hub’s scalable cloud native services. Or integrate Pantacor Hub’s simple to understand APIs with any other in-house enterprise solution and cloud native open source applications like Grafana or Prometheus.

Pantacor Fleet: Monitor and observe smart edge device fleets at scale

Pantacor Fleet is a ready-to-use SaaS that adds an orchestration layer on top of Hub’s basic APIs and cloud services. Fleet provides all of the usual features expected in a device management solution but with a particular focus on the software lifecycle management of unattended and highly distributed end-consumer devices.

Operations teams can partition device deployments into logical groups before updating and rolling out new containerized applications and changes. With its simple to use API, any backend business applications can be fully integrated allowing teams to fine-grained control of device fleet updates.

Platform key benefits

Full software lifecycle management

Manage complete device software lifecycles with modern cloud native tools like containers. Easily deploy firmware updates and applications from a centralized device dashboard run from a SaaS, on-premises or in one of the public clouds.

Modern cloud-ready devices

Connect your devices to the IoT with Pantavisor, our ultra-lightweight containerization agent for scalable, remote device management and container app deployments that works on any Linux architecture. There is no need to change your existing infrastructure. 

Centralized fleet management

Maintain, secure and update devices based on OS, and hardware. Aggregate and make decisions from device telemetry and logs with standard cloud native observability and analysis tools or other applications for deep insights and real-time decision making.

Quicker time to market

Release faster, and more often with DevOps tools and processes. Since deployments are containerized and automated, they can be rolled out with fewer steps and less overhead, resulting in a quicker turnaround for customers.

Open source without vendor lock-in

Leverage modern open source technology like containers and DevOps to implement efficient and more efficient cloud native software patterns such as microservices for code reuse among distributed applications and services between devices.

Increased monetization opportunities

Extend your device fleet lifetime and increase revenue opportunities by connecting fixed-function devices to the IoT and deploying new applications. Offer new services and value to end-users without having to replace the hardware.

One platform for all of your IoT and smart devices

Pantacor is the only complete lifecycle management solution for embedded Linux systems to implement container and cloud native technology that can address the far edge resource requirements of a modern day single-purpose embedded device.

Supported 3rd party integrations

Get the most out of device data for real-time decision making and observability. Pantacor Hub integrates with popular open source cloud native applications and IoT machine learning platforms.






Frequently Asked Questions

Pantacor is the only solution that enables containerization and cloud native technology on all Linux-based devices. It is particularly well-suited for single function low-spec devices with a minimum of 32MB of NAND, NOR or EMMC storage, minimum of 64MB of RAM, on arm, mips, risc-v, x86, powerpc.