Accelerate your IoT projects with containers

Pantacor is the only open source platform to bring DevOps and containers to develop, deploy and monitor IoT applications for any embedded Linux device.

Connect, deploy and manage IoT fleets anywhere

The Pantacor platform simplifies the management of embedded Linux IoT devices and their software lifecycles with containers and DevOps best practices. Since it’s a small containerized footprint, there is no need to replace your Linux firmware with a large distribution. Pantacor adds complete software lifecycle management capabilities with zero overhead to any embedded Linux distribution.

From fixed-function to software-defined devices

Turning fixed-function devices into software-defined infrastructure is how the consumer device industry will continue to innovate into the connected IoT future.

Gain the benefits of containers, DevOps and cloud native at an embedded scale without changing your Linux distribution.

Modern software lifecycle management for edge devices

Open source and without vendor lock-in manage the full software lifecycle to deploy updates, new features and applications and connect Linux-enabled embedded devices at the edge and IoT.

Pantacor combines modern DevOps with embedded-first technologies to help any product maker add tangible value to the Smart Device Edge.

Innovate at scale with the Pantacor platform

Freedom of choice in embedded development is critical to the exponential growth of the IoT.

Aggregate, analyze and make decisions from your device logs with your choice of standard cloud native observability and real-time processing tools and add real-time intelligence to existing device fleets.

"Our team are strong believers in the power and flexibility of open source. Pantacor's unique and open source Linux-compatible containerization agent helped us scale, manage device fleets and continuously deliver new modern features to build the world's leading open and private voice assistant."
Joshua Montgomery, Founder of Mycroft
Works on resource-constrained devices with minimal hardware specs
Min 32MB of NAND, NOR, or EMMC storage​
Min 64MB of RAM
ARM, MIPS, RISC-V, x86, PowerPC​

Discover how to transform the edge

The intelligent edge can be realized today by running modern containerized applications on single-purpose devices and all embedded linux architectures and distributions.

Smart Home Automation

Connect existing edge devices to the IoT and enhance them with additional features and 3rd party services, and applications using modern DevOps tools and processes.

Connectivity Service Providers

Offer new applications and services to end users on existing hardware and devices while remotely managing connected device fleets from a single dashboard.

Consumer Electronics & Appliances

Leverage modern DevOps tools to control and keep device fleets secure and up to date with the latest patches and updates through a cloud native ready, centralized hub.

Our technology partners
We support all Linux distributions out of the box